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EuroEstates bets on online auctions

  • 2020-07-18
EuroEstates held an internet auction in the last few days that took place between 18 June and 8 July, with properties from financial institutions and institutional clients. The option for the auction on the Internet, naturally had to do with the current context of the pandemic and to avoid rooms with a large influx of customers, as it is usual in EuroEstates face-to-face auctions. More than 3 million Euros of real estate assets were sold, for a total of 26 properties from North to South of Portugal. The selling prices were the most varied, from a store in Lisbon for € 28,000 to a village in Óbidos for € 375,000. Given the success of the initiative and at least as long as the pandemic situation continues, EuroEstates will continue with this bet, having planned a new online auction with properties for second homes or investment, in beach areas to be held during the summer.